Live Musicians on a Budget by String Things

There is a misconception that live musicians are too expensive for an affordable wedding, or that hiring musicians is way more expensive than a DJ. Here at String Things, we believe that everyone deserves to have affordable and brilliant musicians at their wedding, no matter the budget. Here are some of our top tips for how you can still enjoy live musicians for less.

Ask the DJ to start a little later

If you imagine yourself floating down the aisle to an elegant String Quartet, then perhaps book a group of live musicians for before and during the ceremony, and during canapes. Perhaps the DJ will charge less if he only has to come from the start of the reception.

Choose a smaller group

While String Quartets at weddings are traditional, smaller groups such as String Trios and String Duos can have the desired effect on the atmosphere of the day, for a much lower price. Alternatively, choose a solo instrument such as saxophone or piano to provide some background music. Most musicians or businesses work, as we do, per hour for the time you need one of our talented musicians. Being wise about how many musicians you hire and for how long could be the difference between affording live musicians, and sticking with a track played in the background.

Be smart about when your musicians play

If hiring musicians for the entire duration of your wedding is out of budget, consider when you would really like the musicians to play. Perhaps you don’t need background music before the wedding starts, or perhaps you want to walk down the aisle to live music, and then the musicians can slip out a back door, and the DJ can play for you to walk back out of the chapel. Alternatively, you could have the DJ play your entry, and only hire musicians for your exit and canape time.

Shop around for prices, referrals and specials

If you have a relative that plays an instrument, or loved the musicians at a recent wedding you attended, perhaps you can find a discount provided by a group of musicians. Ask your wedding planner or venue co-ordinator if they can get you discounted rates on live musicians. At String Things, we give all our happy brides and grooms referral vouchers to pass on to their newly-engaged friends. Perhaps you could save some money by asking around, and looking at many different groups until you find the one that suits your budget.

Speak to your live musicians provider

We, at String Things, are happy to work within our clients budget in order to find an option that works for your style, theme and atmosphere, as well as your pocket. Affordability shouldn’t be the primary issue when considering a beautiful and elegant live music group.

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