Choosing a Live Band by String Things

How to Choose Your Live Wedding Musicians

Choosing live music for your wedding is a great way to fully customize every part of your ceremony, canapes, or even reception.

Live musicians add a personal touch and create the exact ambience you want, with personalized and specific music choices.

Think about where there are opportunities for live music at your wedding – you will usually find that musicians are helpful before the ceremony to give your guests something to listen to while they await the bride, during the ceremony for entrances of the bridal party and special moments, and then after the ceremony during canapes while you have your photos taken.

Unlike digital versions of the song, the musicians can adapt their speed, and adjust certain parts of the song so that that special song you want is perfectly times with your grand entrance, or long enough to bide some time if some part of the proceedings is delayed. Instruments are also visually appealing, and can add yet another layer of beauty to your special day.

We, at String Things, have been providing talented musicians at weddings for over four years now, and we have various groups you can choose from. Ultimately though, any group can be customized and chosen to your liking. It can be quite overwhelming when you consider all the options, and so here is a series of questions to guide your decision:

In order to decide what live music you would like at your wedding, you will need to ask yourself the following questions…

What kind of music would you like played? 

What genre of music will suit your style, theme, and budget?

What is the average age of your guests? What would they enjoy?

Remember, you can have different groups for different parts of your special day (E.g. a String Quartet for the ceremony, but our Jazz Duo for canapés)


Tip: find us on YouTube and SoundCloud as StringThingSA


What instruments would you like?

Do you prefer the sound of a particular instrument, or dislike the sound of any instruments?


Tip: Listen to some of your favourite songs played by different groups (string quartet, bands with or without singers, piano, jazz ensembles). These can usually be found on YouTube.


What is your budget?

Larger groups are great, but also cost more money. If you are looking for a smaller, intimate (and more cost-effective) option, a trio, violin duo, or cello duo could be more suited to your budget.

For one-musician-only options, we offer saxophone and piano.


Tip: find our pricing estimate table on our website under the “Pricing” tab.


What specific songs would you like played?

Do you have ‘a song’ symbolizing your relationship?

Do you want the traditional wedding march? 

Remember, not all songs can be played by all our ensembles, so take into consideration what the songs will sound like played by the specific ensemble you would like.

Tip: Have a look on our website under the “Music” tab for some inspiration.


If you have any further questions, please have a look at Here for our contact details!!