Final Tips with One Week to go

So, everything is planned and there is only a week to go...what do you do?

One week before…

  1. Book an appointment at a beauty salon for some tanning as well as to take care of any waxing.
  2. Pick up your gown and other attire
  3. Put together your own Bridal Emergency Kit.
  4. Make sure everything is in order for the honeymoon (tickets, spending money, itinerary, etc) and start packing.
  5. The rehearsal dinner (if you’re having one) - just remember to book a venue and send invites ahead of time.
  6. Get something old, new, borrowed and blue.
  7. Write your vows.


The day before…

  1. Make sure all the wedding-day items are packed/laid out and ready to go.
  2. Then you focus on just relaxing….book a spa day for you and; if you want; your bridesmaids and have a massage or facials maybe a mani-pedi or even all 3. You have worked hard to get everything organized and deserve some time to wind down.
  3. Take a long bath, burn some essential oils and listen to some relaxing music.
  4. Very important…get a good night’s sleep!!


On the day…

  1. Make sure you have a healthy breakfast and lunch, you will need all the energy you can get. You can make breakfast an opportunity to spend some time with your wedding party (mother and bridesmaids) before the hustle and bustle of getting ready begins.
  2. Allow plenty of time to get ready. This needs to be a big part of the day, have some snacks out and a glass or 2 of bubbly (for the nerves) and just enjoy the process.
  3. Take a deep breath!!!

Now is your time to shine, so don’t worry about things that have not been done or the weather or the smudge on you veil. Just have fun with your friends and family in celebrating the first day of you new life with the one you love!!