8 Tips for the Grooms Wedding Suit

Buying a suit sounds like a simple task, after all it’s just a pair of trousers, a shirt and a jacket - easy! But this is not just any suit, so have a look at the below tips to make sure you get the perfect on.

1. Don’t wait till the last minute

The grooms are usually not so excited to go suit shopping as the bride are about dress shopping; but it is not something that should be left to the last minute.

This is not just an everyday suit we are talking about....this is for your wedding so it has to be perfect - and you will be very lucky if you walk into a shop and find a suit that fits you perfectly, chances are good that the suit will have to be altered and this can take several weeks.

Alternatively if you are looking at having one made it can take several months - so it will b best to start looking at least 6 months before the wedding.

2. Where to Start

A good place to start is with Pinterest and in magazines for some inspiration, keeping in mind that this is the most important suit you will ever wear so it may pay off to keep an open mind regarding different shapes, styles and colours - even if this means you need to move away from your usual style.

Once you have an idea what you want you need to do some research on suit boutiques to find out if they can offer you what you need.

3. Be Sensible

Take the wedding theme and colour scheme into consideration when choosing your suit - if you are having an outdoor summer wedding, a tuxedo may be a bit too formal, or incorporating pastel colours when the colour scheme is autumn may not go down so well.

You also need to consider the season as well, this will go hand-in-hand with the fabric you choose - for example going with 100% wool might not me the best option in the middle of summer.

It’s important not to rush the process of getting your suit - when on, it should feel snug but not tight, you should be able to comfortably walk, stand and sit down. If it does not fit properly you can experiment with different sizes and styles until you find something that feels perfect.

4. The Fit

It does not matter what you decide to wear, if it does not fit well, it will not look good - and it is very important to look your best on your wedding day.

The best way to ensure this is to consult with an expert and get your measurements done professionally - grooms tend to skip this part and, more often than not, end up spending more on alterations that the initial measurement would have been. Once you know your measurements it will make the whole process a lot quicker and easier.

Lastly you need to feel confident and comfortable in the suit you choose. Just like a bride should never buy a wedding dress she does not feel her absolute best in, neither should you settle for anything less.

5. Hiring

Hiring a suit is usually best for those who have a tight budget, it is a great option to keep the costs down - which can give you some room to play around with the accessories so you can jazz up the suit.

On the other hand, hiring a suit is also a great option for grooms who want to go for something totally different from what they would normally wear - without ending up with a suit in their cupboard that they are unlikely to ever wear again.

6. Buying

Buying a suit of the shelf may sound boring but what you need to do is to focus on the colour and fabric. From there it can be altered to make sure it fits you perfectly.You can then take it to the next level with the accessories by adding a top hat, pocket watch or a splash of colour.

This option will still be able to give you the right suit for a fair price, and it also gives you the option of using a suit you already have and just having it altered.

7. Bespoke

This option naturally will be more expensive. The suit is made from scratch using paper patterns cut specifically for you and this makes it truly unique.

This option is perfect for you if the fit and style of the suit is important to you and you have that little bit extra to spend. Just keep in mind that this can take several months, so if you want to go for this option you need to plan well.

8. Pricing

When you look at your budget you have set yourself for the suit you need to keep in mind that it includes not just the suit, but also the shoes and any other accessories you might need or want.

So, it is important that you know exactly how the pricing works, the price of the suit may not include basic extras like alterations or modifications. You also need to confirm if there are any additional costs like storage fees or consultation/fitting fees.