7 Must Know Tips on Making an Appointment at a Boutique

Most boutiques work on an appointment basis only...this is good news because you will have 100% of the consultant’s attention during the appointment.

But other than booking a date and time you need to confirm the following as well:

1. Do you Need to Bring Anything with you?

You want to make sure you get the full effect of what the dress will look like on the big day, and the right shoes and undergarments will help you achieve this.

We suggest that you keep your lingerie simple, a thong with a strapless bra and/or slimming garment (white or nude - as close to your natural skin colour as you can) and shoes of the same height you want to wear on the day - naturally if you have the exact items you will be wearing that is perfect, just make sure (from every angle) that they are not visible (especially if you have a tight-fitting dress).

Some boutiques may provide an array of shoes and lingerie for you to use with the fitting - if they do, it is a great way to help you see what will work best with the dress you want before you go out and spend money on items that might not be right.

Another option is to simply sew the undergarment into the dress (if possible); sewing in a bra or adding a corset will make the dress feel more secure and you won’t have to worry about pulling it up throughout your reception - this can be especially useful for strapless gowns.

2. How Long will the Appointment be?

Typically you can try on between 4 and 6 dresses in an hour, if you would like to try more make sure to book a 2 hour session. We would recommend that you don’t book for more than 2 hours as it can be a bit overwhelming if you try on too many dresses at one time.

If you are not sure of the type of dress you are looking for rather start by trying on different styles and then make a second appointment to narrow it down.

3. Is there a Limit to the Amount of Dresses you can try on?

Some boutiques do have a limit and might charge extra for any additional dresses.

If this is the case, we recommend that you do some research on the dresses they have available and make a list of the ones you want to try on...this way you can make the best of your appointment.

4. What are the Costs?

Some boutiques charge per dress and other per consultation, they may also have some ‘hidden costs’.

To prevent any surprises on the day just make sure you are clear on the costs involved.

5. How Many Visitors are you Allowed to Bring with?

Naturally no bride wants to go dress fitting on her own, but boutiques often have a limit on the amount of people you can bring with you. So, to avoid an awkward situation where some of the people must be turned away at the boutique it will be better to make sure about this beforehand.

Also keep in mind that every person you bring along will have their own opinion and they may not all agree - it can be overwhelming and actually make your decision more difficult with a larger group.

So even if you are allowed to bring a large group it may be more beneficial to bring only one or two people who are instrumental in helping you make decisions, they need to be honest and have your best interests at heart.

6. Are you Allowed to have Eats & Drinks?

How often do you get to go wedding dress shopping...? So why not make a mini-celebration out of it?

Get some snacks and a bottle of bubbly to make the occasion extra special!!

Just confirm with the boutique I you are allowed.

7. Is this Boutique right for you?

The best way to determine if the boutique is right for you is to make an appointment and see what you feel like afterwards.

You want to ensure that you feel at ease with them; are they knowledgeable, do they offer you assistance from the moment you walk in the door, are they interested in getting to know your story and do you get the feeling that they genuinely want to help you get the dress of your dreams? If you walk out of the boutique and it feels right then you have the right place.

But just because you made an appointment and tried on some dresses does not obligate you buy anything from them. So if you are not 100% comfortable with them...rather find another boutique.