Questions to Ask Venues

Once you have narrowed down your potential wedding venues it is important to actually visit them to make sure they can offer what they promise on their website.

We have put together a list of some key questions to ask before you book.

Please use this list as a guide only; feel free to remove any questions or add some that relate to your particular event - for example whether pets are allowed or not - and make sure to get everything in writing in your final contract.

Check out our Planning Tips on venues.

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Location & Availability

  1. Is our date of choice available?
    1. If not, which surrounding dates are?
  2. Are the ceremony and reception venues in the same location?
  3. Do they have an indoor as well as outdoor option for both the ceremony and reception?
  4. Is there an indoor option for a planned outdoor wedding if the weather turns?
  5. Is there an allocated area for welcome drinks?
  6. Is there an outdoor space where the guests can mingle which can be heated and/or protected from the elements?
    1. Is there a separate indoor "socializing" space?
  7. Is there an area (usually the honeymoon suite) on site where the bride can get ready?
    1. Is there one for the groom?
  8. Do they accommodate more than one wedding on a day?
    1. If so, will they be completely separate with clear signage of which wedding is where to prevent confusion among the guests?
  9. Is the venue available for exclusive use?
  10. What is the minimum and maximum capacity?
  11. Is the venue child friendly?
  12. If yes, what facilities are available for entertaining children?
  13. Is there a coat check available?
  14. Is there somewhere secure to store wedding gifts?
  15. Is the site handicap accessible?
  16. How many restrooms are there?
  17. Is parking available on-site?
  18. Is public transportation easily accessible from the venue?
  19. Are shuttle services available?
  20. What times will the facilities be available on the day?
    1. When can we start setting up?
    2. What time can the bridal party arrive to get ready?
  21. How far in advance can we reserve our date?


  1. Can we have a proposal with all the pricing and policies?
  2. What are the rates for different seasons, days of the week and times?
  3. What is included in the price (catering, décor, staff, DJ, etc)?
  4. Are there any extra costs you need to be aware of?
  5. What are the overtime charges?
  6. How much is the deposit and when is it due?
  7. How do you structure the payment schedule?
  8. What forms of payment do you accept?
  9. What is the cancellation/refund policy?
  10. Do you offer payment plans?
  11. When is the last possible date to make changes to our reservation?

Suppliers & Services

  1. Do you have a list of recommended suppliers?
  2. Are any of them compulsory?
  3. If we use our own suppliers are there limitations or guidelines we need to meet?
  4. Do you have someone that can help with the planning as well as the day of coordination?
  5. What staff do you supply (waiters, barmen, security)?


  1. Can the venue accommodate a DJ and/or live band?
  2. Are there any noise restrictions?
  3. How big is the dance floor?
  4. Do you have a sound system with speakers, or will that need to be rented?
  5. Do you have microphones for speeches?
  6. Can I hook an iPod or laptop up to your sound system?


  1. Is the basic décor provided (tables, chairs, linen, cutlery & crockery)?
    1. Can we look at samples?
  2. Do they provide any additional décor (centre pieces, fairy lights, etc)?
  3. Are there any décor restrictions (e.g. candles with open flames, live doves, etc)?
  4. Will your staff be involved in setting up and breaking down the décor?
    1. If yes, in what capacity?


  1. Do they have in-house catering?
    1. If so, can we arrange a tasting?
    2. Do they accommodate special dietary requirements?
  2. Can we bring in our own caterers?
    1. If so, will the kitchen be available to them?
  3. Is there an option for a dinner the night before or a brunch the day after?
  4. Do they have a liquor license?
  5. Do we have the options to have an open bar or cash bar?
  6. How is the alcohol priced?
  7. Is there a bar minimum that must be met?
  8. What is the average bar tab for my size guest list?
  9. Can we supply our own liquor?
  10. Is there a corkage or service fee?


  1. Do they have a honeymoon suit?
    1. Is it complimentary?
  2. Do they have guest accommodation?
    1. If yes, how many guests can they accommodate?
  3. Do they have a list of guesthouses close by that they can recommend?