Planning Tips for Bakers

The cutting of the cake is one of the oldest traditions when it comes to weddings and when it comes to choosing your wedding cake, the options are truly endless - from the shape and flavour to the decoration and look. But whether you want a 3-tier traditional cake, a themed cake or a cupcake tower, your cake should reflect your personality.

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The look and taste

When looking for a baker you need to make sure that they have the skill set to give you the cake of your dreams. Find a baker who has lots of experience in making wedding cakes as a wedding cake is generally much more elaborate than a birthday cake or other baked goods. Your cake professional should have special training in constructing and transporting this type of cake.

Then you need to find out how flexible they are regarding customization of the cake - you might have a specific recipe you want them to use or an unusual colour scheme. Have a look at their portfolio of cakes they have baked, this will give you a good idea of their style and capabilities from creating sugar/chocolate flowers to incorporating sculptural elements or fresh blooms into the design. Also get a few references of previous clients, and when you speak to them make sure to find out if they were happy with the service they received from the baker.

The look of the cake is very important as this is the first thing the guests will see; but just as important (if not more important) is the taste. So, arrange for a tasting session where you can taste the different flavours and fillings as well as get a feel for the baker and how they work.


Although the cake itself is the main part the logistical details are what makes sure everything comes together in the end.

Wedding cakes can be a fairly time-consuming process and as weddings typically fall on the weekends, you will want to make sure that the bakery you decide on has sufficient time and resources to dedicate to your cake. Ask them how many cakes they typically do on a weekend; you want to ensure they don’t overbook themselves - especially if the cake you want has a complicated design that will take more time to complete.

Wedding cakes are not cheap and the last thing you need is damage to the cake during delivery. It is important to confirm how they do their deliveries, most bakers will transport the cake in separate units and assemble it on site but in some cases this is not possible and if this is the case for you, you need to confirm that they have the means to transport a fully assembled cake. Also confirm what their policy is on damage during transport so you can make sure you are prepared for the worst.

Lastly find out if they supply any décor and utensils such as cake table, linen, cake stands, cake cutting knives, etc. If they do they will most probably set it up when they deliver the cake, if not you will have to make sure everything is ready and set up before they arrive with the cake.


First thing to find out here is how they price their cakes. There are a lot of aspects that play a role in the pricing from size, flavour & fillings to the amount of detail in the design. Ask them to give you a breakdown of the cost and make sure they include the additional costs like delivery, renting a stand, tasting, etc so there are no surprises when you receive the final invoice.

Along with the breakdown of the pricing confirm what percentage (and when) deposit they need as well as when the final payment is required, so you can make work it into your budgeting plans. Also make sure that you are both on the same page as to what the cancellation and refund policies are should you need to cancel for any reason.