Planning Tips on Décor

So you have chosen the perfect venue… you need to get the look and feel of your special day perfect by getting the right décor. Start by deciding what it is you want, have a look on Pinterest and in wedding magazines to help get ideas but remember to stay realistic to what your budget allows

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Background & Experience

Setting up the décor may sound simple enough but in reality it can be more complicated than you would think and in many cases it needs that special eye. So, when looking for décor suppliers it is always better to find one that does not only supply the items but that also has setting-up experience. With experience comes knowledge and know-how, and they will be able to give you advice and suggestions that can save you time and most probably money as well. So have a look at their background in terms of the amount and type of experience they have.

This does not mean that you should dismiss the newly started suppliers, they may not have the experience yet but that does not mean they cannot do a good job - plus you can probably get a cheaper deal with them.

A sure way to know if they can offer you what you want is to have a look at their portfolio, just confirm that the photos in the portfolio is of actual work that they have done and not copied from Pinterest. Even better is if they have a showroom where you can see the items/displays in person. Also ask for several references of recent events they have done, this is a good way to find out how it is to work with them from other couples.

Another aspect to look at is how they do their bookings, it does not matter how much experience they have - if they overbook themselves they will not be able to deliver 100% on all the jobs.  So, have a look at how many weddings they usually book on a weekend and then look at the size of the company - if they have 3 teams then it is no problem that they book 3 weddings on a weekend but if it is one team and they have 3 weddings it can be a problem.


Be sure to confirm exactly what the supplier can supply. Most will be able to supply you with everything you will need from tables to centrepieces to flowers where others might only supply speciality items. Some may even have extras like photo-booths or chocolate fountains and most offer services like wedding planning or day-of coordination. Think carefully about what your needs are and keep in mind that it can be better to have one supplier who can offer you several services than have three or four different suppliers - it can make the logistics simpler by only having to deal with one person and can also save you money. 

Find out what the average size and budget wedding they work with is as well as how flexible they are regarding unique/themed weddings of weddings on a fairly tight budget. Most suppliers will be able to accommodate you on all of this, but it is always better to be sure then to hire them and halfway down the line find out they cannot deliver. It is also good to find out if they have ever worked at your venue before, this is not a make or break question but if they have they already know the ins and outs of working with that venue which can be a plus point.

Pricing & Packages

Because of the variety of services and extras these suppliers can offer the pricing can vary drastically. You need to firstly decide which of the services you want and then let them walk you through the pricing step by step so that you are 100% sure how much it will cost. Be sure to ask about any extras like travelling or set-up/break-down fees as well as enquire about any packages or specials they may have available. Keep in mind that there are usually extra costs for any breakages or missing items (guests that wanted a souvenir) which you will have to set some funds aside for.

Find out if they offer any payment plans (which may allow you to go a bit over budget and just pay it off over a couple of months) as well as what their cancelation/refund policy is. You need to be prepared if for some reason you will have to cancel their services.


First thing you should confirm is whether they are available on your wedding day and secondly find out how they work. Start with how they will be communicating with you - this is important because you need to know how often you wil be getting feedback or meeting up to look at designing options. You also need to confirm if they do the setup and break down as well as what their back-up plan is should they for whatever reason not be able to do the décor on your day.